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Situated in north-western Italy, Liguria features impressive mountains and indented coastline overlooking the Ligurian Sea on the east side of the region. The west side has wider beaches and more populated towns. During this tour, we will have the chance to discover the ancient art of Gold Leaf Gilding in Genoa, pick up herbs and cook with Grandma, and taste unique and less known Ligurian wines. Also, we will discover the extraordinary beauty of Portofino Natural Park with breathtaking views on the Gulf and we will trek with a Cinque Terre winemaker and experience the lively atmosphere of a local market,  where we will cook with a local chef.

Located in the south of Italy, or like Italian called the ‘heel of Italy’s boot’, this amazing region has a lot to offer to its visitors all year around. Nature is the protagonist in this beautiful region along with its delicious food. In this tour, we will discover the real Made in Italy in all its aspects: history, art, ancient traditions, events, tasty cuisine, excellent wines, fascinating landscapes, and mild climate! 

In this itinerary, you will discover the region Campania, made of delicious food and superlative wines. The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most picturesque land. Travelers will find a breathtaking journey driving from the Sorrento Peninsula to the Amalfi Coast along the cliffside road. The view is totally spectacular! We’ll meet characteristic village nestled hundreds of feet above the sea, historic old towns and a unique cuisine well-known around the world.  

Emilia Romagna offers visitors breathtaking views, unique culinary experience, historical and cultural identity and artistic methods that have deep roots. In addition to that Emilia Romagna is the core for music, cinema and art appreciated nationally and worldwide.  

In this tour, we will discover a mix of different reality where the tradition is still well alive and goes hand in hand with modern life.  


A very special, all-inclusive trip aboard a luxury hotel barge cruising the Venetian Lagoon and the River Po Valley to Mantua and its lakes in style and elegance. The motor vessels are characterized by great panoramic capacity, for services treated on board, highly prepared for guides, for the quality of food prepared in restaurants, where the fish and meat cookers, related to the most ancient traditions of the Veneto and Lombardy, will satisfy the most demanding tastes. We will discover amazing cities like Venice, Ferrara, Mantua, and enjoy several wine tours and tastings, with fabulous landscapes and Italian cuisine.


With its three thousand years of history, Sicily is a mix of different traditions and cultures. The various dominations during the centuries like Greeks and Arabs, left in Sicily a deep inheritance still presents today. Our tours are made for those who want to have unique and unforgettable experiences discovering the wonders of Sicily. During the tour, you will visit different locations located in the heart of the most important cities and immersed in the pure nature of the Sicilian landscape. Your dining experience will meet the traditional Sicilian cuisine and the best local wineries to enjoy excellent Sicilian wines.

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