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Hope you had great holidays! And wishing you happy, healthy and prosperous 2023.

Just wanted to let you know that the trip was awesome. We truly enjoyed all the tours and everything went very smooth. All of us enjoyed learning about the Spain’s history, people, and cuisines. And most importantly we so enjoyed 14 days having times together and with kids. These are great family memories we created. Thanks again, until next trip….

It was really fantastic- the trip of a lifetime. I would recommend all 3 painter experiences. Barcelona and Aix hotels were great! Cinque terre air bnb had an amazing view but no a/c, which was a big bummer b/c it was hot and there was lots of climbing! Florence hotel was sub par. Just fyi. I would also highly recommend all the food and wine tours that we did – except maybe the Barcelona one was just meh. Food wasn’t as good as what we had chosen on our own the night before and the guide was cooky.. All other guides were fantastic!

Thanks for your help with everything!
Megan B/ June 2022

I want to say thank you sooooo much for planning our trip. If you saw all our pictures we had an amazing time and I loved the fact we had some private chance!!! Lol


Highlights were the cinque terre tour. It was AMAZING!!! That company Florencetown is very good.


The Vespa tour was great too....the wine, the food...yum. 


Our small tours that you planned were perfect and we had great guides too.


Our bed and breakfasts were in great locations, not fancy but the main thing clean, hot water and no bed bugs!!! Haha.


Appreciated the guides picking us up from the train in Venice and taking us to the airport. That was such a seamless process. 

On arriving in Rome we could not find our driver and had to whats app and call a few times..... but no biggie.


I'm so glad that we work together and I now know what my clients get with using your services. 


Thank you thank you thank you. 

Jason W. / July 2022

A big “Shout Out” to the Gone Traveling agency and particularly Marika. Absolutely 5 Star Service. She arranged a glorious weeklong vacay for me in Punta Cana at the exquisite Riu Palace Macao. Perfect selection because Marika listened to what I wanted for my vacation. Every detail was expertly arranged. All I had to do was step on the plane and relax. The rest was all scheduled. Marika contacted me throughout the trip and once I got home to ensure satisfaction. I highly recommend Gone Traveling for all your travel needs. They understand your travel desires and deliver the perfect options.

John W. /2021

Brian and Kim B.   September 2019

After originally signing up for a photography workshop 1 hour from Pisa with a friend, I realized my friend wanted to travel on her own. Later this friend did back out of the trip. Marika saved me by planning my trip before the workshop and afterwards, I feel such gratitude that I had a fantastic experience with the drivers and tour guides. The tour guides in Florence, Pisa, and Lucca were all very knowledgeable and so helpful with showing me around these cities. Not only did she do all this work with planning for me with the  cities, but she figured out my airplane ticket. When flights were changed, she was immediately on it and let me know things changed for the airlines. Again, I feel so lucky Marika was able to take me on as a client a the last min.

Mary C. /2021

Brian and Kim B.   September 2019

Two thumbs up � � thanks for your wonderful service!!

Kal R. / 2017

Brian and Kim B.   September 2019

The tour in Rome was good and full of little vignettes of information and insights into Roman architecture and history. Heinz clearly had a wealth of information and it made me see Rome in a new light.

I think this to her there is more for someone like me who has seen the main sights and wants to try and dig a little deeper.

I got the impression that Heinz had not done a tour like that before or very often. We did a lot more walking then is usual (which he enjoyed as did I) - less stopping and seeing big things.

His English was very good. Although there were times when he struggled with a few words ir thoughts But I say that just for information. Americans might find his accent more difficult to understand that I did.

He is a former academic and so has that quiet professorial air which some will love but others may find left engaging.

Paul C. /2018

Brian and Kim B.   September 2019

Marika, helped us plan our trip to Germany for September 2019. We vistied Munich, Rothenberg Ob Der Tauber, Konigswinter (for a river boat cruise on the Rhine), Cologne and Berlin. We had guided tours, private transfers and rode the train with several transfers. Marika had everything written out for us down to the smallest detail so we knew exactly where we should be, who we were meeting or the times of the trains and which platform we would need to be on. While we were in Germany a change for our river boat cruise had to be made due to low water level at our original pick up point and she was able to make the changes and get them to us. Even with the new arrangements our trip went unbelievably smooth for all that we did. All of us enjoyed our trip to Germany and would highly recommend Marika, Gone Traveling Tours.

Marika also planned our trip to Italy several years ago.

Brian and Kim B. /2019

Brian and Kim B.   September 2019

I had an amazing experience in Rome and in Tuscany. We had a wine tour and we visited Florence with a private guide. Thank you Gone Traveling for planning this wonderful trip to Italy!

John and Liz /2018

Brian and Kim B.   September 2019

Thank you, Marika for your help to organize our transportation and guided tours in the Amalfi Coast. Our driver, I think the name was Francesco, was very nice and always on time. Being a party of 12 women, sure, it was better to have a driver every day helping us to drive us around. In this way, we enjoyed amazing places and we loved every minute!

Tina W. /2019

Brian and Kim B.   September 2019

I took a trip to Italy on the last week of April 2018. Gone Traveling organized a private tour for me and my friends to the Vatican city and museums. Price was great and it included all the tickets. I was able to pay through paypal and they sent me the instructions about 1 week in advance.

When I get there, I call the tour guide and he was exactly in the meeting point. I was so glad that we avoided all the sketchy street vendors. The lines were HUGE and we avoided ALL of them. We didn't make a single line, our guide was very knowledgeable in history but he was also very good on how to navigate the city, and we avoided crowds as much as possible. We tipped the guide ~ 5E/person.

Gone Traveling earned big thumbs up.

Carlos O. /2018

Brian and Kim B.   September 2019

I had a last-minute need for a couple of different tours in and around Rome.  Following a recommendation, I turned to Marika who came through with flying colors.  What she arranged was exactly what I was hoping for and everything turned out very, very well.

Linda M. /2019

Brian and Kim B.   September 2019

First, I would like to thank you for your help in navigating all of the train strikes and how it affected our ability to get around France. You were great in getting us the trains we needed as we needed them. Thank you again for taking care of the trains for us. 



We really enjoyed all of the tours you booked for us. The guides and the tours themselves were really fun and informative. We went to a lot of beautiful places. 



There was some good and some not so good. The hotel in Paris was very nice, we really enjoyed the charm of the hotel and it's location. It was very easy to get around in Paris from our hotel. 


The hotel in Reims was fantastic. It was great being there. Thank you for setting this up. 


The hotel in Strassburg was nice, but a little basic. There was an issue with the hotel, but not sure anything could have been done about it. There must have been a dead rat stuck in the walls, our whole floor had a very bad stench that just got worse during our stay there. It seems like they didn't have anywhere else to put us when we asked.


Finally, the hotel in Bayeux. It was just not good. First the air conditioning was a real issue, I'm not sure how we missed signals on that. I truly thought I had communicated that we needed air conditioning, because my wife has really bad allergies. I couldn't find that I had sent that information over, so I'm not sure. But even past the A/C, there was a very low structural beam that went across half of the bed. At some points, it was less then 2 feet from the bed. For a single person that might be ok getting up a night, but for 2 people, if someone has to get up at night they will run into the beam with their head. The other thing with that first hotel, the guy at the front desk was not very nice as we were leaving. He made a comment that it was too bad for us that we were changing hotels, since they already had our money. He didn't seem to care that my wife's allergies were out of control as she kept sneezing while we waited for our Taxi in the lobby. 


The Novotel, worked well for us. Thank you for getting us in there. 

Jeremy H. /2018

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