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Walk and Wine in Bordeaux

Discover one of the most fascinating French towns classified as the “City of Art and History” 

The Bordeaux wine region is centered on the city of Bordeaux and covers a vast area, making it the largest wine growing in France.


We would like you to discover one of the most fascinating French towns classified as the “City of Art and History” and home to one of Europe’s largest collection of XVIII Century architecture.


From ‘Place de la Bourse’ you can see how the architecture, the sculptured décor and the reflection of its waters bring out a sense of unity that celebrates the tight union between the city and its River. You will explore attractions such as the neoclassical Grand Theater and the Saint Andrews Cathedral.  


You also will explore some local wine bar where you will be introduced to the main wine producing regions of Bordeaux through a professional commented tasting. Some of the major appellations of the region will be tasted such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, of course, the wines will be paired with some delicious cheeses and cold meats.


About the tour


  • Evening tour (1 hour)

  • Walking itinerary 

  • Private tour

  • Personalized attention

  • Tour in English

  • Wine tasting included

There are much more things to taste and explore while you discover France.
Everything is possible:, we will add, multiply or delete to make your vacation an unforgettable once-in-lifetime experience!

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