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Taste The Classic Italy

A Journey along the peninsula

In this itinerary, that starts from the Eternal City of Rome, travels all the way up to Venice and passes through Florence, you will find a country made of delicious food and superlative wines.  Be prepared to be delighted by an amazing culinary experience and tickle your taste buds with excellent wines made by local Italian wineries and superb food.  Few nights in each city will give you a snapshot of why everybody loves coming to Italy!

This trip can be tailor-made based on your needs and interests, adding more and new experiences along your way.

There are much more things to taste and see while you travel through Italy.
Everything is possible: we will add, multiply or delete to make your vacation an unforgettable once-in-lifetime experience!
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Day 1 - Welcome to Italy!

After your arrival in Rome, you will be transferred to your accommodation in the city center.

Day 2 - Rome

Today you will meet with your guide in the famous district of Trastevere. During your walking tour, you will like to drink high-quality craft beer and eat traditional street food. You will also visit the ancient and the picturesque neighborhood of Regola.

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