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Drive Your Wine

From Madrid To Rioja - A Self-Drive Wine Tour Experience

Enjoy the culture of wine driving along one of Spain's truly legendary winemaking regions: Ribera De Duero. Depart from Madrid driving your own car through La Rioja with a juicy stop over at Rivera del Duero winery, taste a Marques de Riscal on your way to Bilbao and end in the city of the pintxos San Sebastian. You will experience a variety of culture, history, and traditions.

Head then to Barcelona and discover the magical city of Gaudi on a board of a funky yellow car, attend a cooking class specially design for you and round it up with a walking tour through the ancient Roman city walls.


Day 1 - Welcome to Spain!

After your arrival in Madrid, you will pick up your rental car and start to drive towards Ribera Del Duero wine areas. 
Your first stop will be at Aranda de Duero, the heart of Ribera Del Duero wines. Encounter your wine sampling in a nearby winery and the view of the wonderful district, demonstrations of its past through the different religious communities, holy places, and castles. Meander in a medieval and legitimate Spanish town and visit the underground buckles dated from the sixteenth century. Your drive proceeds to La Rioja. The Rioja offers a great deal more to its guests than brilliant wine. It is an interesting area to visit, a wonderland of shocking scenes and pristine towns, brimming with workmanship, culture, and history.

Day 2 - La Rioja

Today you will visit a conventional winery of 125 years old still keep running by the immediate relatives of the establishing family. You will enjoy a wine sampling in this old-fashioned winery.


The day proceeds with a visit to the wine exhibition hall that possesses a surface space of around 100 ft², grape wines from around the globe and broad vineyards set in a typical Rioja land.


You will have a gourmet lunch pair with the right wine and you will be encompassed by the inconceivable scenes of vineyards.


Spend whatever remains of the day exploring this interesting region and hundred of historical sites.


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There are much more things to taste and see while you travel through Spain.
Everything is possible: we will add, multiply or delete to make your vacation an unforgettable once-in-lifetime experience!
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