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Markets & Traditional Food in Barcelona

A culinary visit through Barcelona’s food markets to simply fall in love with the flavors of the popular Catalan seasonal gastronomy.

Why not begin the day with a market visit?  There is nothing better than the smell of a pork chin being freshly grilled, or the fantastic yell of a “pescadero” wrapping an excellent fresh cod! We know that you will love our markets as much a as we do! so you can’t miss this morning tour through the tastiest places in Barcelona.


We are avoiding markets like Boqueria or Santa Caterina, because everyone knows them and there are 37 more to explore! We will go for a walk to visit butchers, cheesemakers, cod merchants, pastry specialists, chocolatiers and a wide range of sellers, talking with them and tasting their items before we end in our most loved bodegas and fondes.

Please expect history, traditional stories, traditions, religion, politics, ingredients, goods, recipes, cuisine… Culture!


About the tour


  • Morning tour (9:30am-2pm)

  • Walking itinerary OFF city center

  • Days: Monday to Saturday

  • Tour in English

  • ALL food and drinks included

  • No lunch needed afterwards

  • Small groups 8 people max.

  • Suitable for vegetarians, celiacs, flexitarians, etc.


There are much more things to taste and explore while you discover Spain.
Everything is possible:, we will add, multiply or delete to make your vacation an unforgettable once-in-lifetime experience!

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

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