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Gondola Experience in Venice  

Venice and the canals

Take this enchanting gondola tour and glide through centuries of history, allowing you to be captivated by the glamour and elegance of the Venetian Palazzi. 

The perfect way to appreciate the beauty, charm and colour of this unique city built on water; you will be enthralled and entranced by your surroundings. Relax and enjoy the romantic tranquillity of the Serenissima, unlock the secrets of Venice and her intriguing labyrinth of canals. Feel part of an ancient Venetian tradition and experience Venice as the locals have for more than a thousand years. 

Once upon a time the most noble and wealthy of families would have travelled around by gondola. This charming tour will take you one step closer to the romantic façades of Venice and will enable you to understand what it was to be truly Venetian.


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